How would you feel if you could move through the anxiety, stresses, suffering, and judgement?

And awaken to a more confident and empowered you?

You can, welcome to the aquarian age where you can create a world with no limitations and infinite possibilities.

Find what moves you

Energizing & Releasing

Shifting your mental, emotional & physical state

Personal & professional empowerment

Encourage awareness & focused attention

Awakening the energy & true essence within

Release energetic & emotional blockages


Rhonda Hudson

Transformational Alchemist

Rhonda is an integrative teacher. She discovered meditation and yoga in the early 90’s and has created a teaching style that pulls from both intuitive and ancient teachings.

She has incorporated the latest neuroscience and quantum physics into her teaching to build a foundation of different tools and techniques that work in today’s society.

What brings her most joy is to help others live a truly happier life with more awareness, more intention, more freedom and more productivity.

Heal, relax, rejuvenate

“One mind, one soul, one planet. Stay connected and in alignment.”