Meditation is a creative process and a powerful tool to help reduce stress and anxiety. It means becoming familiar with our thoughts, our behaviors, emotions and feelings. It therefore allows us to let go of processes, beliefs and negative thinking that might keep us in those repeating patterns.

Meditation is not something we need to learn. It is simply a way of reconnecting with who we are. A time to be present and become more aware. Often meditation is called a practice as it takes desire to master our mind, focus and redirect our thoughts.


Book a meditation session

Book a meditation session online or in person with me. I offer a few different types of meditation sessions, by reading the descriptions you will be able to see what resonates best with you.


Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is the opposite of automatic-pilot mode. It is about experiencing the world that is in the here and now. This guided session allows you to let go and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings without judging them without believing them and staying in the present moment rather than being in the past and the future. 



Guided Meditation

During this session you will be guided into a state of relaxation. Throughout the session you will experience different techniques to help enhance the ability of the mind to relax and guide the body to a true sense of inner peace. Our guided meditations are accompanied by soft music or sounds of nature.

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Visualisation Meditation

This is a gentle relaxation class, rooted in beautiful visualisations, perfect for those of us who consider ourselves sensitive souls. You are guided with beautiful imagery, enabling you to immerse your mind and soul into the inner world you create. Each class will focus on something slightly different, whether that’s connecting with your inner child, finding your soul space, working with your energy centres, your breath, learning how to de-stress, and getting in touch with your deeper feelings. Your journey is to let go, to heal and to relax – and this is exactly what these guided visualisations will allow you to do.

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Energy Flow Meditation

This style of meditation will work with the breath, movement and touch to awaken the energy flow in your body. Flow is a positive, energized focus enhancing creativity and releasing stress, anxiety, bottled up emotions and in some cases even pain.

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Kundalini Meditation & Gong

This form of meditation involves movement, breath and sound and is designed to raise complete body awareness to prepare the body, nervous system and mind for the 21st century. By focusing on the energies that travel through the energy centers and the spine, you create a communication between you and your mind, and between your mind and your body.

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