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Working with many people over the years on life coaching, I’ve noticed almost always 1 common theme; Resistance to what is.

When we are resisting, we are not in alignment with our true desires, our true essence and our intuitive self. We operate with a limited amount of consciousness and often we are not aware of the patterns, beliefs, and thoughts that we choose to keep repeating over and over again. “The hamster in the wheel”. These repeating experiences could be with our families, colleagues, friends and most likely our own relationship with ourselves.

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Rhonda is based in the South of France and works with individuals and groups worldwide. She is often in California where she was born and raised and spends most of her time in Monaco where she currently lives and runs her Centre in Alignment. She is inspired by the beauty of nature and feels that this feeds her range of extrasensory abilities that allows her to share with others who are interested in empowering their own experience here on Earth.

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